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Product Whitening - Tags: Whitening, Teeth


Rp 375,000,-

Japan COSME Awards the first one ! ! !

Simle Cosmetique high concentration of negative ions to clean white teeth detergent film

Teeth whitening era --- let you have a confident smile

You belong to the exclusive private toothbrush mask , giving teeth to be a SPA it ~

High concentrations of cleaning ingredients completely cover the teeth, perfect teeth to remove stains ! Also teeth whitening and shiny !

Protect teeth like a protective skin , like Japan new teeth whitening mask - belong toothpaste category

cosme first, the new concept of dental film , also made a mask for the teeth it ~ ~ !

Special care for teeth whitening , dental film after close , so that the tooth surface coloring filthy leaking from the teeth .

Then carefully clean with a toothbrush to make it float filth cleaned !

Due to the effect of whitening teeth penetrate the membrane , so that you get natural teeth whitening & shining , whom also make your smile full of confidence !


1, the first tooth wipe with a clean paper towel , do not leave the liquid , it would be difficult to stick to

2 , then the alignment of teeth, tooth paste with the side up, on a large area for the dental side , that end notched stick to the inside of the teeth off

3 , operating under the same tooth

4 , affixed finished, press firmly part of the tooth , so the tooth toothpaste can fully absorb the North

5 , about 3 minutes or so, in private dental mask ( also plastered 5 minutes , but not the longer , the better )

6, and then scrub with a toothbrush down

7 Finally, rinse with water to

First-time users , five days with two boxes ( which is 12 ) , then you can use once one week (ie twice, morning and evening )

Specifications: a packet net content 2.5g, a box of six packets

Made In Japan

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